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At Inclusive Home Care we are passionate about helping people live independently in their own homes. We offer selection of Home Care Packages which can be modified to suit your individual needs. Services we offer include but not limited to:

Consumer Direct Care (CDC)

Inclusive Home Care packages are delivered using a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) , which puts you in control of the services you receive..
How Does (CDC) Work?As a result of Consumer Directed Care, you:
  • Have choice and control around who provides your services, and when they are provided.
  • Have the right to identify individualised goals based on assessed need.
  • Have respectful and balanced relationships with service providers, to ensure the rights and responsibilities of both parties are protected.
Receive an individualised budget and a monthly statement of income and expenditure of your home care package and how those funds are being spent.

What is Home Care Packages?

The Home Care Packages is a Commonwealth Government funded program for older people over 65 years of age and 50 years or older and identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander. It is intended to assist those still living in their homes and needing support to remain living independently.

Home Care Packages cover a wide range of services from personal care to in-home support, to support that helps you participate in your community. Packages are designed to be flexible and adaptable to your needs. There are four Home Care.

You can add services to your care plan at any time. You can also remove activities that no longer suit you. The four levels of Home Care Packages are:



Supports people with basic care needs.



Supports people with low level care needs



Supports people with intermediate care needs.



Supports people with high level care needs..

Your four step care plan

Step 1

Organise a needs assessment

Step 2

Complete needs assessment

Step 3

Create a plan of action

Step 4

Sign Home Care agreement

Why Choose Us?

At Inclusive Home Care we are passionate about helping you reach your goals at home or in the community. Our services are flexible and reflect the needs of our multicultural communities, as well as caring for all eligible seniors .

  • We tailor your care plan to you
    We’ll match you with a carer or nurse according to your cultural preferences, who fits your care needs. 


  •  Your care plan is flexible
    You can add services to your care plan at any time. You can also remove activities that no longer suit you. We understand that clients’ needs may change and we will modify home care at any stage to adapt and suit your requirements.

Am i eligible?

To be eligible for a Home Care Package, you first need an assessment by Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS) in your local area. To request an assessment, you can phone My Aged Care or the referral can be made by you, your loved ones or treating doctor.

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